Not all home renovations give you the return on investment or equate to the amount to money you put into them. If you are making upgrades with the intention of selling your home in the next few years you may want to choose renovations that give you the best bang for your buck.

Here are some of highest resale value renovations:

  1. Garage Door Installation

    You may not think it but this renovation has a high return on investment. You will probably get back most of what you spent.

  2. Front door replacement

    Replace the plain door and create a warm and welcoming entry, try a pop of color or a door with glass panels to appeal to a variety of prospective buyers. Curb appeal is worth a lot to potential buyers.

  3. Kitchen Remodel
    With kitchen remodelling, the possibilities are endless. However, rather than tearing down your existing kitchen and starting from scratch, you can begin with smaller renovations or upgrade appliances.

  4. Bathroom Remodel
    A bathroom remodel is not a quick project either. Consider updating the bathroom with upscale fixtures and neutral color palettes.
    If you can afford to add a new bathroom or completely upgrade one, you will see a large return on investment.

  5. Roof Replacement
    No potential buyer wants to buy a house and then replace the roof. If you can add a “new roof” description on your listing, this essential upgrade is worth every penny when you decide to sell.

Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating

  1. Forcing Your View and Style
    Capitalize on your renovations by focusing on to potential buyers, not necessarily upgrading to your specific tastes.

  2. Not focusing on investments that are universally appreciated.
    Upgrades that are universally appreciated include master suites, updated baths, and kitchens. All will provide you with a return on your home renovation investment.

  3. Not hiring Professional Interior Designers
    Spend extra money to hire an expert interior designer. In the end they will help you save money with their expertise.

  4. Doing it yourself

    DIY projects gone wrong can devalued your home due to poor workmanship. Projects that involve the structure of your house needs to be left to the professionals. During a sale, inspectors can easily notice poor workmanship and the possibility of having to redo all the work which will cost double.

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