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1. Reposition furniture away from the walls and on new angles. You’ll change the look and dimension of your room.

2. Don’t have the time or budget to paint a whole room? Choose an accent color for one wall. Select a tone to complement and highlight the rest of the room.

3. Add some plants that are easy to maintain indoors and add some life and color to any room.

4. A new rug is perfect to accent the floor. Choose one with accent colors that reflects the rest of the room’s décor.

5. Create a framed picture collage on the wall by using multiple frames that are of a similar style.

6. Create new looks by mixing and matching lamp bases and shades or add recessed lighting.

7. Try faux finishing to freshen up walls or furniture. Look here for some techniques to consider:

8. New hardware on your cabinets can transform a kitchen and completely change the look and feel of your cabinets.

9. Replace the fixtures, vanity and toilet to give your bathroom an update.

10. A large, decorative ceiling fan with lighting can add brightness to a room and create a comfortable climate that you control at the touch of a button.

11. Remove clutter and organize your living space. This will give your home a more spacious overall feel.

12. Rejuvenate your landscape outside, add new hedges, trees and flowers to beautify your home’s exterior and curb appeal.

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