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You have found the perfect new home, got a mortgage and are soon to close the deal! Now comes the hard part … packing up all your stuff and moving. Whether it is across town or across the country, here still remain some specific things to keep in mind when you are moving.


1. When calling the moving company, ask about an inspection of the items before the move is scheduled.

It’s not easy to estimate how large the truck needs to be or even if more than one truck will be necessary. This will enable both parties to go over such things as total price and what is expected so that there are no misunderstandings or hard feelings felt by either party.


2. Try to hire the same companies for the move.

If you end up hiring different companies for packing, transporting and unpacking, it is difficult to know who holds the responsibility if something goes wrong during the moving process. You may also find that different companies do not usually work in conjunction with each other and it is very often much more expensive to hire different companies than it is to hire just a single one.

3. Examine the boxes which are being used.
They should be in the best condition possible. If they are severely used or even dented in, you may not want to use them as they may result in the breakage of your items. Try and use only new or like-new boxes if possible. However, do not get caught in the mindset of feeling like you have to buy new boxes if you think yours are good enough. There are many unscrupulous companies who use high-pressure tactics to bully customers into thinking they MUST buy brand-new boxes.

4. Get rid of STUFF!
Packing up and moving is so much easier when you have less to pack. Consider a tag sale a few weeks before to get rid of some stuff and make a little money as a bonus, then donate what doesn’t sell!

5. Make sure to have the moving company disassemble and reassemble any furniture.

If they complain about the request, then move on to a different company. A professional company should never have any issues when it comes to safely move furniture and ensuring that it arrives in the same condition as it was packed in.


6. When moving, you may need storage for some of your personal belongings, especially if you are moving from a big place to a smaller place.

When a situation like this arises, it is best to ask the moving company if they have storage facilities for rent, especially if they are a bigger company. This can be quite the lifesaver.

7. Before booking a moving company, inquire about insurance.

Most companies will already have it in the package which is offered to you but for those who do not, it is very wise to contact an insurance company to ask about purchasing a policy. If something happens to your items, you certainly do not want to be left on the hook for a bunch of broken items with no hopes of repayment for any of it.

Moving doesn’t have to be as stressful as you may think.  Make a plan and take the steps before hand to ensure everything runs smoothly and effectively.

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